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Checking on your baby can sometimes wake him up

As a parent, you want to know that your baby is safe and well but you cannot go check every minute when he is sleeping as this would take all your time and could potentially wake him up.

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How can a parent check on his baby without waking him up? A baby monitor is a great and simple solution. Furthermore, with most new baby monitors having Bluetooth capacity, you can also check when you are not at home that the person taking care of your baby is doing a good job.

Many parents actually decided to use a baby monitor to keep a close eye on e=their older relative to make sure that they are safe and not getting abused in an assisted facility.

You do have to be careful though not to obsess over every little sound your baby makes while sleeping. Baby do make little noises even when they are asleep.

Some would argue that we did not have baby monitors twenty years ago and that children of that generation turned out fine. Some would even go as far as saying that those children are actually more independent and not as pampered as the generations that followed who were closely monitored.

One thing is for sure, a parent should not jump in panic at the simple little peep from their baby as this would create unnecessary anxiety and waste precious quality time with the baby.

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