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Created by a doctor who delivered 3700 babies, hundreds of them with this program

Congratulations on your exciting pregnancy and coming baby. You have found the complete course created by a family doctor and certified hypnotherapist that will help you prepare for a calm, comfortable and natural birth.

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Hypno-Baby Course for Future Parents

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Hypno-Baby Course to Become a Certified Instructor

Nathalie Fiset, M.D.

Cours Hypno-Vie pour Futurs Parents   

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Cours Hypno-Vie pour devenir Instructeur (French)

Pregnancy Secrets

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We are offering you the entire Hypno-Baby digital program at the discounted price of 149$ instead of the regular 197$ as a thank you for your patience! Furthermore, you will get FREE acces to the online course instantly after payment!

Hypno-Baby home study course
If you only need one of the Hypno-Baby MP3, click on the recordings you need. If you want them all, get the Hypno-Beginning complete digital program above as it is a better value for your money.
Hypno-Baby Blue Disk

This first Hypno-Baby© recording will help you achieve and master self-hypnosis rapidly. You will be amazed to realize that you do not need a recording or another person to help you go into a deep, very relaxing self-hypnosis. By easily reaching a state of profound and total mind and body relaxation, you will give birth to your little baby in a calm, peaceful and natural way.

Hypno-Baby Pink disk

You will learn in the second Hypno-Baby© recording that you have within yourself all the abilities to achieve the perfect anesthesia with hypnosis. You will learn the same powerful techniques they use when doing surgeries with hypnosis as the sole anesthetic agent. You will be amazed to realize that you have the power to control all the sensations in your body. By being able to achieve such a deep level of anesthesia, you will go through your labor with minimal discomfort while enjoying the experience.

Hypno-Baby Yellow Disk

In this third Hypno-Baby© recording, you will build your very special perfect place. This special place will bring you peace, calm and serenity. By being able to enjoy your perfect place, your body will remain completely relaxed and will give birth easily. As an added bonus, you get to keep your special place and can return to it whenever you feel the desire to enjoy life to its fullest.

Hypno-Baby white Disk

In the fourth Hypno-Baby© recording, your get to practice and live the perfect birth. It is a known fact that the human brain manifests what it conceives.This way, by making you live and practice the ideal birth for you, it becomes a reality, your reality.You will also learn to create a protective bubble around you and your little baby, thus ensuring that nothing can interfere with your project of giving birth naturally and peacefully.


This fifth Hypno-Baby© recording is special for many reasons. First, you only have to go in self-hypnosis and then listen to it as many times as you desire. Second, it is a complete and powerful summary of the whole program. Third, you should only listen to it on the day that your labor starts because it is my birthday gift to you and your baby.

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