You will learn How To Be Well-prepared For Natural Birth In As Little As 4 Weeks (or less)... even if You Are Pregnant For The First Time And Feel Scared!
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YES! You can have a natural birth!

” Discover The Powerful Weapon You Need to Achieve The Calm And Natural Birth You Always Dreamed Of !”

Get The Only Natural Childbirth Preparation Online Course Created by a Family Doctor and Certified Hypnotherapist…AT A DISCOUNT!

You will be able to read more about all the details of this program on the product pages below, but, right now, I just want to tell you that the price you will find today is a real steal! 

Nathalie Fiset, is a family doctor and certified Hypnotherapist. By combining her medical and hypnosis knowledge, she has been able to produce the most complete and powerful program of hypnosis for Natural Birth.  Believe it or not, this innovative program will allow you to have a healthy, comfortable birth WITHOUT harmful drugs.

She delivered 3700 babies in her 25 years of medical practice, hundreds od them with hypnosis! She has improved the Hypno-Baby program many times over by watching first-hand so many natural and peaceful births.

That’s right! Get instant access to the Hypno-Baby course and start enpowering yourself to be well-equipped to give birth naturally and comfortably!


Nathalie Fiset M.D., C.H.
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How Dependable is Hypnosis?

Isn’t hypnosis dangerous?

Will we be guinea pigs if we use this for the birth of our baby? 

Most people do not know that Hypnosis has been commonly used for natural childbirth since the nineteenth century – long before “Ether” was introduced in obstetrics and surgery.

Throughout the centuries, when people instinctively went into a deeply focused and relaxed state in order to have their bodies perform certain challenging “tasks”, they have actually been using a form of Hypnosis – they just did not know!

Used this way, Hypnosis is a state of deep physical and mental relaxation.  It is well know that many famous athletes use hypnosis regularly to induce a state of mind that has been at times described as “being in the zone”.

Hypnosis birth

I had a Fast Labor!

I used hypnosis for childbirth during my fourth pregnancy. I was then able to compare its efficiency and appreciate its benefits. I was very happy to enjoy half an hour per day of quiet time only for myself. When I was doing the relaxations two weeks before the birth, I could feel my little Naomie gently sliding down. Two hours after my first regular contraction started, my little flower was born in a room where everyone was respectfully whispering. I had a more calm and enjoyable birth. The magic worked! Furthermore, I use what I have learned in hypnosis everyday of my life!

-Isabelle Pelletier and Daniel, parents of Gabriel, Cédrik, Sandrine and Naomie.

Baby natural birth

It Works for VBACs!

For me, giving birth with the help of hypnosis was a revelation · My first delivery ended-up in a cesarean section after a long labor of 20 hours and I was very frightened to go through a similar experience. Hypnosis allowed me to realize all my capacities and those of my baby and showed me to trust myself. I wanted to try a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean ) and to be able to live the experience in my entire being, in a natural way.  I finally succeeded! My 9 pounds baby was put in my arms. I am fulfilled and very proud of myself. Choosing hypnosis to give birth to my son was the best decision I have taken in my life!

-Marie-Claude Berger, mother of Mathis 2 and a half year old and Nathan 6 weeks


The Program even Helped me recover!

I have chosen hypnosis for childbirth because it is a user friendly tool. It helped me manage my fears about giving birth. I am proud to say I made a healthy choice for myself and my baby. Therefore, my baby came into this world gently, calmly, naturally. I thereafter used the method for a quick recuperation. I am mostly proud of my personal accomplishment.

            -Marleen, mother of                                     Christophe

Baby hypnosis

A Revelation!

Using hypnosis for childbirth has been an extraordinary revelation for me for many reasons. First, it allowed me to become confident toward the birth and to remove the fear of the unknown. The program also gave me an opportunity to relax everyday. I now know I can achieve anything with the help of hypnosis. I had a calm, peaceful and even happy birth. Right after the birth, I was able to walk and I felt very well. My husband and I were able to enjoy the birth of our little girl with the help of this program. Thanks a lot!

                                        – Divna

The Hypno-Baby Online Course will reveal: 

    • Who can control you in hypnosis?
    • The top 10 secrets to avoid a c-section
    • The number one thing that will prevent this program to work for you
    • The story of the woman who gave birth naturally with hypnosis that shocked Dr Fiset herself!
    • What is the number one cause of c-sections (hint: it’s not what you think!)
    • Why so many women who followed the Hypno-Baby program became certified instructors afterwards
    • And so many more secrets why giving birth naturally is more accessible than you think




    • -You will get instant access to the Hypno-Baby Online Course and can take it as many times as you want in the next 12 months!
    • -Your partner can follow along and will learn how to support you 
    • -You will have access to the 5 NO 6! Powerful self-hypnosis recordings that will be yours forever (for your own use)
    • – You will have access to many surprise BONUSES Inside!

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Hypnosis guarantee

Since we cannot guarantee the outcome of your birth, here is our even better guarantee!



It is with pride that I guarantee that I have packed your Hypno-Baby program with tremendous value! I held nothing back to provide you with my top quality information, reveal all and so much more BONUSES to prepare you for a fulfilling birth.

                       -Nathalie Fiset, M.D., C.H.

“I have always been nervous about going to the hospital without ever knowing the reason why. So, for my delivery, I wanted to prepare myself mentally in order for everything to go great. And this is exactly what happened thanks to hypnosis. I got to the hospital, very calm and relaxed. My preparation helped me foresee this event positively long before it ever happened. The more I practiced, the more confident and calm I became. As a consequence, the delivery went very quickly. Only two hours after being dilated at one centimeter, my daughter was put in my arms, calm and alert. People often asked me where I was during my labor, as I seemed elsewhere…but I have never experienced being so much in the here and NOW! I was completely focused on my womb, with my baby. I could feel her every movement, her every need. I was mentally following her descent, well focused on being relaxed to allow her an easy passage. My delivery happened like I wished, all naturally, without any drugs in a very reassuring and positive environment. Hypnosis allows all this and also brings a nice philosophy on life and a way of thinking.

Thank you for everything and see you in 3 or 4 years!”             

-Véronique, Daniel et Jorane

“I wanted to share my experience with you. I had bought the Hypno-Baby home study course and listened to the CDs many weeks before the birth. I was then able to relax and control the reactions within my body. When my labor started, I felt ready and confident.

I went into the tub when I was dilated at 4 or 5 centimeters and stayed in the water for the rest of my labor. My husband was massaging my back and my sister was refreshing me.

During the whole birthing process, I did not panic, I kept control and did everything at my own pace, without any unnecessary interventions. I had the birth I was dreaming of. I could not have asked for more.

My baby Jonathan surprised everyone when he arrived: he weighed 10 pounds! I did not need any stitches.

I felt very well and full of energy right after the birth.”

-Valérie Geoffroy







1. I am 36 weeks pregnant, is it too late to take the Hypno-Baby course?

-Even though we recommend starting the Hypno-Baby course 4 to 6 weeks before your due date, it is never too late to start the course. We even had mommies go through the course while in labor and experiencing a great natural birth!

2. I am a very nervous person. Do you think I can relax enough to go in hypnosis?– YES! Once you experience the bliss that brings you hypnosis, you will want to go deeper and deeper every time.

3. My birth partner finds this too much esoteric. Can I do the course on my own?

-YES. The Hypno-Baby has helped women who did not have a birth partner (for whatever reason) give birth naturally and very comfortably. 

4. Will I have a completely pain free childbirth?

– Most of our mothers say they had a very comfortable birth and felt more the pressure for a couple of minutes during active labor. We have a few mothers who reported feeling no pain at all!

5. I don’t have much time, is this a long course?

– Even though Dr Fiset shares extensive information in the course, she also created a shorter version for those mother in a rush. The essential lessons are clearly identified by an hourglass. The vast majority of women do the entire course because it is so much fun and informative.

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